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Improve immune system with nutrition

Can food improve immunity? Yes it can. In addition some other tips that help your immune system.

Proper nutrition is one of the cornerstones of the body's defense system. However, the foundation stone is laid so early that when you read this, the foundation has been already done. If you want to strengthen your immune system and avoid unnecessary illness, you will also likely need few additional supplements to protect against germs and pathogens.

The most important food

You can’t use this tip on yourself anymore, but tell it to future generations: one of the greatest secrets to good immunity is breast milk.

Vitamins 6

Do you need vitamin supplements?

Properly selected supplement can be refreshing.

You eat balanced and varied diet, but still sometimes you feel tired. Why?

Nutrition is not the only factor affecting vitality. Stress is tiring, as well as immobility and too little or poor quality sleep. But if these things are fine and you still feel tired, you should think about your own eating more widely - not just vitamins.

Humans need to be versatile and balanced in different nutrients. To ensure access to and versatility of essential nutrients, basic nutrition needs to be fine.

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Up to 90 percent of people on a diet gain even more weight – This is why

Even up to 90 percent of people with weight loss ends with new weight gain. This is often due to the fact that we try to drop the weight by the wrong means.

Why is it that people are just getting fatter all the time?

It is true that the number of overweight and obese people is growing, and no country has been able to reverse this development. This is affected by changes is our lifestyle. Food is more accessible than ever.  At the same time, for example, cars have made life more passive. Also, the rhythm and increased demands of modern working life, as well as the relationship between stress and recovery, affect weight management.

Studies show that although there are many ways of weight loss, the biggest challenge is to maintain the weight loss achieved. The weight tends to return to higher levels after dieting. Permanent weight management is really challenging.


10 questions: Choices for the intestinal wellbeing

Overweight and even many mood disorders, such as depression, are associated with unbalanced bowel microflora. You can make choices for the intestinal wellbeing.

1. What are "good" and "bad" intestinal bacteria?

Good intestinal bacteria are bacterial strains that are considered to have favorable and protective health effects in the intestine. In most cases, pathogens are considered to be harmful.

In fact, there are always good and bad bacterial strains in the intestine, which indicates that even less useful is needed for something. Perhaps they act as some kind of regulator - who knows. Information on the intestinal microbial function is still limited.

fasting experience

Is therapeutic fasting experience good for health?

One refrains from solid food, the other one does so two days a week, the third one is trying the cleansing. Fasting is of interest to many.

What are the health benefits of fasting?

There is no scientific evidence of the health effects of fasting. If an overweight person is able to slim down excess fat and keep it away, fasting improves health.

Fasting has been advertised as a way of removing toxic ketones from the body. In fact, ketones are not dangerous to the body. It's about the compounds that are created in the body when the body needs to oxidize almost exclusively fats into energy - and that's how it happens during fasting.

Probiotics 8

Probiotics are the body's little helpers

Human is full of microbes. There's 1-2 kilograms of microbes in a healthy adults intestine. Most of these are beneficial to us because they maintain the body's immune system.

However, microbes that are harmful to humans may become too prolific, for example due to antibiotics. Debilitating the amount of beneficial and harmful bacteria causes a variety of stomach problems.

Fortunately, the microbial composition can be affected. This is done by means of probiotics, that is, health-promoting microbes.

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