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Up to 90 percent of people on a diet gain even more weight – This is why

Even up to 90 percent of people with weight loss ends with new weight gain. This is often due to the fact that we try to drop the weight by the wrong means.

Why is it that people are just getting fatter all the time?

It is true that the number of overweight and obese people is growing, and no country has been able to reverse this development. This is affected by changes is our lifestyle. Food is more accessible than ever.  At the same time, for example, cars have made life more passive. Also, the rhythm and increased demands of modern working life, as well as the relationship between stress and recovery, affect weight management.

Studies show that although there are many ways of weight loss, the biggest challenge is to maintain the weight loss achieved. The weight tends to return to higher levels after dieting. Permanent weight management is really challenging.

How many dieters can sustain gained weight loss permanently?

This has been very difficult to investigate thoroughly, long enough. According to a number of studies, even up to 90 percent of people with weight loss ends with new weight gain. This is called Yo-yo dieting or yo-yo effect, also known as weight cycling.

Why does weight rise again after weight loss?

There are many reasons, ranging from fat cell activities to human psychology. One of the key factors, among other things, is that the metabolism of the body is to counteract weight loss. It can be said that the body is metabolically in the most normal state when the weight is higher.

Reason for this is more on diets or dieters?

Short-term change rarely produces long-term results. Both our bodies and our minds are fighting against diets. Who wants or can live all his life without something that he really enjoys?

Often, we choose a diet based on a coworker, a neighbor's nanny, or some magazine recommendations. New online dieting programs are also popping up all the time. They do not take into account individual needs, and there are often no experts at all.

Too fast and severe weight loss may interfere with the metabolism for a long time. Fast weight loss can also cause muscle loss. Permanent, sensible changes, based on smooth weight loss, provide more persistent results without significant side effects.

In what way can the dieter hinder loss of weight?

There are so many ways. Typical mistakes are too strict and unconditional and too tight schedule. Often, too, the importance of a good meal interval is forgotten, or it is not even known. There is a big mistake, for example, to eat too small breakfast or to eat too light, inadequate meals. Weight loss does not require unconditional bans.

Many try to lose weight by just exercising. It is very difficult or even impossible. It is also common for the lifestyle change to be done at the wrong time. If you are in the middle of a divorce or something else is mind troubling, it is not worth trying at the same time to stretch your resources to a lifestyle change.

We often perceive badly that permanent weight control has other unconditional conditions: adequate and high quality sleep, adequate recovery, and a suitable working rhythm.

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Why is it that every food that tastes good are not good for you?

We tend to maintain the delusions of things that we do not really know. We think, for example, that healthy food is expensive, bad or dull.

It is good to give new foods a chance. Vegetables, roots, fruits and berries are an important part of permanent weight management. On average they are eaten too little - both for weight management and health.

Many who eat too little vegetables may not know how to make good food out of them and what to buy. For example, frozen vegetables are cheap, very easy to use in cooking and have a great nutritional content. With vegetables, you can eat meat or fish according to your preferences. The most important thing is that vegetables should be eaten.

Does weight loss always need exercising?

A pleasant and convenient form of exercise increases health and gives energy and helps in weight management. But at a weight loss stage, exercise is not so important! This can be a comforting message for many - at least this matter does not have to be stressful.

Although you don’t like exercising, you can learn to enjoy it with time. In terms of weight management, however, it is more important to increase daily activity. That is, walking a bit more often on the stairs, sometimes leave the car in the yard or take the pedometer and seek from 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day.

How to make slimming easier for you?

You should program your daily routines so that weight control can be supported in many ways. When you go to a grocery store with a shopping list or even shop online, your impulse purchases will be gone. It is important to take care of recovery. Sleep enough, remember to say no when the boss, relatives or friends propose too much.

Where do I start weight management for the rest of my life?

It is worthwhile to make some changes, that is, one or a few substantial changes at a time. If you are unclear what is really important for weight loss, you should ask your health care professional for help. Sometimes people find it difficult to distinguish things that are less important.

To make life changes permanent, you have to understand your own motives. It is worth having a small discussion of values with yourself: how do I want to live my life? When changes are based on a genuine desire to live up to their own values, motivation is easier to maintain.

Because slimming is a slow process, an extra source of motivation can be useful. You can motivate yourself with little attention, for example by giving yourself time or indulging yourself in something other than food.

Do you always need professional help in slimming?

When a person intends to lose weight for the first time in their life, he or she can choose a weight management program of interest and try it out. It may well be successful, as long as the change is made healthy and moderate.

If lifestyle changes are difficult and the change does not produce smaller scale numbers, health, energy, and joy, you may want to turn to a weight management professional. Especially yo-yo dieters should stop dieting right away because it is more harmful than beneficial to continue unsuccessful experiments.

A multiprofessional care program that also addresses human psychology, not just nutrition and exercise, is often a good alternative to permanent change.

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