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Improve immune system with nutrition

Can food improve immunity? Yes it can. In addition some other tips that help your immune system.

Proper nutrition is one of the cornerstones of the body's defense system. However, the foundation stone is laid so early that when you read this, the foundation has been already done. If you want to strengthen your immune system and avoid unnecessary illness, you will also likely need few additional supplements to protect against germs and pathogens.

The most important food

You can’t use this tip on yourself anymore, but tell it to future generations: one of the greatest secrets to good immunity is breast milk.

Most of the human immune defense system is located in the intestines. There, our health is protected by the intestinal good microbes.

At the point where nothing other than amniotic fluid has gone through the baby's intestinal tract, the intestinal microbiosis is still undeveloped and prone to a variety of pathogens. Luckily, a small, newborn baby is protected by the most perfect and wonderful food in the world.

Breast milk is actually the only food that can be reasonably compared to a medicine: it is like the baby's first vaccination. Breast milk has antibodies that protect the baby from respiratory infections, pneumonia, ear inflammation and diarrhea. At the same time, the milk supports the development of the baby's intestine and its own immune system. It gives protection against asthma, diabetes, heart disease and allergies.

The first couple of years of life are a critical time for the development of the body's defense system. Sufficient exposure to environmental agents will create a healthy and functioning defense system. At the same time, the risk of various autoimmune diseases and allergies is reduced.

Experts suspect that the sterile current environment and the "perfect" processed food are the cause of, for example, the spread of food allergies, celiac disease, and Crohn's disease.


In families with children, everyday life is sometimes nothing but continuous rhinitis. The plagues of the winter season do not keep away even if babies are fed with broccoli and oranges every day.

Illnesses are just a nature’s way of evolving immunity: some of the resistance is generated through the learned defense system. When the same pathogen is encountered again, the body recalls it and is able to weaken the disease path or completely fight it. So the child is sick because of the exercise.

At least as an adult

The acquired immunity develops and evolves throughout life. Most of the resistance is, however, already acquired when you are an adult. The older you become, the more decisive importance is total health and lifestyle. With age, one should also look at the diet: unilateral and non-nutritious food weakens the good bacterial strain of the intestines.

Immune system needs a permanent healthy diet to function - seasonal c-vitamins or super-foods do not really help. The more vegetables and more versatile diet, the more it gets the protective substances that are also involved in immune defense system.

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Only part of the defense system

Even if your diet is close of perfection, you still may get sick and disappointed and someone eating a poor diet might not get the same flu that you did. Good microbial in intestinal tract is weakened in addition to wrong food, at least excessive use of antibiotics and long-term gastric acid medication. Excessive stress exacerbates infections, as well as excessive alcohol consumption, insomnia and too hard physical exercise.

People with good nutrition can also be prone to infections for environmental reasons: for example, day-care workers suffer more from the fact that pathogens are offered abnormally abundant in the air.

To prevent diseases one practise is more important than others: wash your hands frequently. If you want to be sure, avoid shaking hands during the flu season.

The principles of defense

Diet makes a difference. Good nutrition helps primarily in the prevention of chronic diseases, but a person in a balanced diet is better protected against bacterial infections and viruses.

The whole package is important. The best protection against infections is a good diet plan. When the diet is healthy all year long, it enhances the functioning of the immune system of the body.

One vitamin does not make a big difference. The refueling of individual vitamins usually does not give additional benefits. However, vitamin D deficiency, for example, increases the risk of infection and the situation is corrected by vitamin D. If vitamin D is not lacking, it is not beneficial to add it.

There is no complete protection

Healthy adults also have 2-4 flu infections a year, and asthma and smoker's pace is still a bit denser. Also diabetics are often susceptible to pathogens.

If you have a couple, three healthy months between every flu, you can congratulate yourself on the normal functioning of your body.

Flu Food?

For one it is garlic, another hot ginger drink and a third chicken soup. Foods and medicaments used to fight flu are, from a scientific point of view, mostly fascinating folklore. Western science is good to explain a variety of phenomena but body and mind cooperation is a difficult equation. The flu is not just a viral disease, but also a state of mind - and the worse you feel, the stronger the sickness experience.

If your grandmother's anti-remedy or medication relieves the feeling caused by the illness, it does, even if scientists think it's just a placebo. The placebo effect is in the world of science is nonsense, but it is useful to us: all the medicines we trust 100% will help in one way or another.

3 x food to improve health

Live food. Highly processed food lacks live microbes, bacteria and enzymes as well as antioxidants that support immune defense system. Eat vegetables, berries and fruits every day.

Whole grains and fibers are the prebiotics, that is, the food of good intestinal bacteria. Whole grain cereal helps good bacteria to thrive well and replicate.

Probiotics. For example acidified vegetables contain lactic acid bacteria that supplement the forces of good bacteria. For the sake of antibiotics, you can also eat bacon Saccharomyces boulardii -probiotic yeast or gefilic capsules to protect a good bacterial strain.

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