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Can I eat anything?

You can eat anything without getting fat if you just move enough! You may have heard such a claim sometimes and its affidability is now to be rejected with simple math.

Chocolate contains:

     Over 500 calories per 100 grams/4oz

White bread contains:

     350 calories per 100 grams/4oz

A 200-pound man consumes:

     Jogging about 400-700 calories per hour.

An hour's work is reasonably tiring, but eating a few bread pieces or a chocolate bar lasts only as a single delightful moment. This is something that dieters should remember. While enjoying delicious foods, you will not be able to lose weight.

Just moving your body doesn’t get you slim, but by moving on during weight loss you train your muscles and help the "slimming process" to increase energy consumption and target fat loss to your fat stores. A particularly good form of exercise for slimming is Nordic Walking, where you can effectively use all the major muscle groups simultaneously. In addition, you can do it from your doorsteps all year round and you can keep the total fatigue level throughout the exercise at a fat burning level.

Simplified for weight loss, the following formula is excellent:

The less energy you eat, the more you lose weight. The basic idea of fat loss is to get rid of fat. During weight loss, muscle mass loss should be avoided at all times.

Holiday - watch your weight!

At the end of summer holidays, the newspapers tell you different tips how to get rid of the pounds accumulated during your holidays, and in the spring the headlines are about getting into the shape again. Exercise and healthy eating habits, however, should be transformed into everyday lifestyles. Vacation is a bad reason to stop a healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, on vacation you should have more time to spend on your well-being compared to normal everyday life.

Pregnancy - watch your weight!

Many pregnant women eat "all good" excessively, because a child who is growing up in the uterus needs energy. While pregnant, a woman has no cause in dieting, but a fetus sensitive to anything unhealthy will certainly not need large amounts of fast carbohydrates and additives, including food such as cakes, biscuits, chocolate, sweets, etc.


Is considered to be normal for people to gain weight while aging, suggesting a slowdown in metabolism. Have you ever met a physically active overweight elder? I have not. I have met only a normal weight, lean physically active elderly. Cell renewal is slowing down in human maturation, but metabolism does not slow down so decisively that man would automatically become older overweight. The main reason for gaining weight over the years is the weight that is accumulating and the lifestyle becomes less active.

Your job is making you fat?

If the job is a clear barrier to slimming and causing weight gain, how is it possible that we know men who have worked hard or women who are over 30 years of age are much slimmer and some are even more muscular than many younger ones? Sure, heavy physical laborers are in a different position compared to those who are doing light work, and abundant recreation increases the chances of exercise, but in fact the work does not grow fat.


Someone who has quitted smoking avoids smoking altogether, because burning occasionally makes you smoke more often and quite fast you might be a smoker again. The situation is the same for sweets and candy. The day of delight is always dangerous, although it depends on the amount of edible or sweet food and the eater's dependency. Calorie-fed edible, such as chocolate, can destroy the results of the past week's weight loss and denying weight loss.

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