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Reduce the duration of flu considerably: Do you know these tips?

Early onset of flu may be reduced by at least a couple of days by taking plenty of vitamin C and by sucking zinc lozenges. The best aid to flu is rest.

What to do when the first symptoms of a flu occur?

As soon as the first symptoms of the flu occur, it is good to take both zinc and vitamin C. They should be taken as separate preparations at different times because they affect the body in different places. Pharmacies also sell products that combine both. They are not as effective as vitamin C weakens the effect of zinc. In addition, the amount of vitamin C in them is very low.

The best performing zinc lozenges are where zinc is in acetate or gluconate form. Zinc citrate tablets are ineffective.

Zinc affects the throat area and prevents the spread of the flu virus. In studies it has been found to shorten the duration of the flu by up to 30-40 percent.

Vitamin C can be taken up to 10 grams a day at the very beginning of the flu if the stomach can handle it. Vitamin C consumed in large quantities may cause diarrhea, but no other side effects have been reported.

What should be taken into account in home care if the flu really hits?

Best treatment is rest. Naturally, you should relieve all the symptoms and ensure that at night you can sleep as well as possible.

During resting, white blood cells are better able to fight against viruses. The more physical work one does, the more important it is to take sick leave and stay home if the symptoms of flu are strong. Rest is important especially if the flu also involves fever and muscle pain. Physical work or fitness during it can even cause myocarditis. Office workers can work from home, but they also need to rest enough.

How to relieve nasal congestion?

Rinsing the nostrils with the neti pot is a good way to relieve nasal congestion during the daytime. Fill the cup with water and add half the teaspoonful sea salt. Rinse both nostrils alternately. It is a good idea to use a neti pot especially if the snot is thick.

For all, nose rinsing is not suitable, as in some it irritates the nasal mucous membranes. Nasal sprays are suitable for use at night especially in order to sleep properly. Some people also feel that they get help from steam inhalation.

How to treat a sore throat?

Medical products that relieve sore throat are usually useful. In addition, you should try ordinary throat pastilles that can be bought from a pharmacy or a grocery store. Their effect is based on secretion of saliva.

The saliva helps to flush the mucus in the throat and makes a protective layer over the mucous membrane. If the throat lozenges don’t seem to be helpful, they do not have to be used, but you should try them.

How to treat a cough?

You should treat cough like a sore throat with lozenges. There are cough receptors underneath the mucosa. Cough occurs when the flu virus irritates the receptors. When inhaled dry air, the receptors become even more irritable. The saliva helps to create a protective layer on the receptors, so they do not start coughing.

If the cough hampers sleep, it is worth taking some strong cough medication before bedtime. They relieve cough irritation effectively but also contain substances that a person may become tired. Therefore, they should not be taken during the day.

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What drug should you take to reduce fever and relieve muscle pain?

Both paracetamol and ibuprofen can be used to treat flu-related fever and muscle pain. Their mode of action in the body is different, so ultimately they can also be used together to give a more effective effect.

If flu symptoms, such as muscle pain or fever, impede sleep, it is advisable to ease them with medication. During sleeping, the body's own healing processes are released. It is therefore advisable to treat the symptoms in order to get better sleep.

Some have suspected that taking the drug would prolong the duration of the disease, but that is not the case. Therefore, medicines need not be avoided.

Will drinking warm liquids help with flu?

Like the saliva, a warm drink flushes the area of the pharynx and makes a layer of protection there.

Heat itself can also be good for the sore throat. Cold air can irritate the vocal cords, and a warm drink can relieve irritation.

Which nutritional supplements or natural herbs help in the treatment of flu?

Effective help with the flu are zinc tablets and vitamin C in high doses. There is also some evidence of extracts of echinacea. It can also be tried to treat flu symptoms. Instead of other nutrients, such as vitamin D, there is no evidence.

Why do antibiotics not be used for the treatment of flu?

If the flu persists for a long time, it may come to mind that antibiotics could help. Flus are, however, viral diseases, and antibiotics are only effective against bacterial diseases. Therefore, a common flu will never be treated with antibiotics.

A different thing is if there is some other disease, such as sinusitis or pneumonia. They are often caused by bacteria and therefore antibiotics may be helpful. However, it is worth to remember that even viral diseases may be symptomatic for a long time, and it is not always a post-traumatic disease, although the prolongation of the disease may seem irritating.

At what stage should you go to the doctor?

If the condition changes all the time worse, you should go to a doctor. In addition, if there is such a severe sore throat that you can not eat properly, your doctor may prescribe either a strong analgesic or throat numbing or anaesthetic spray.

Sometimes, cough can irritate at night so much that it is not possible to sleep at all. Then the doctor can assess whether asthma medication would be helpful.

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