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Do you want to get rid of fat? Choose your favourite sport!

Any exercise is a better option than lying on the couch, but if you love the losing those pounds, turn your eyes on these!

Aerobic exercise is fitness and oxygen-enhancing exercise that efficiently burns fat regularly. Choose that one that suits you best or engage in multiple ones. Try, for example, three types of interval exercise with a few different powers and different types of strain: 15 minutes crosstrainer, 15 minutes exercise bike and 15 minutes treadmill.

Here are 10 + 3 effective sports that consume calories:

Step aerobic

Practice your thigh, waist and buttocks by consuming about 400 calories (kcal) in 30 minutes.


Biking and cycling efficiently burn calories. Depending on resistance and speed, the calories are consumed 250 to 500 kcal in 30 minutes.


Swimming is very effective aerobic exercise. Swimming consumes up to 400 calories (kcal) in 30 minutes.


An effective, high-pitched game that consumes about 400 calories (kcal) in 30 minutes

Wall climbing

Not only aerobic, but also very effective for leg and limb muscles. It consumes about 380 calories (kcal) in 30 minutes.


Skiing is very effective on both upper and lower body muscles. Depending on the power, calories are consumed by about 330 kcal in 30 minutes.


Running is an easy and effective form of aerobic exercise. You can do it at home or gym too with a treadmill. A 30-minute run consumes about 300 calories (kcal).

Cross Trainer

An effective calorie burner that also develops durability. Calories burn in about 30 minutes at about 300 kcal.


Effective aerobic exercise, which also gives a ride to the arm muscles. Calories spend about 300 kcal in 30 minutes.


Powerful walking burns well with calories, even though it is the lightest of the aforementioned aerobic exercises. 30 minutes of walking consumes about 180 calories (kcal). Calorie burns can be increased for example by hiking in hilly terrain.

If you enjoy a very effective and fast-paced exercise, try the following:


Highly effective exercise with varying tempo and fast runs. Energy consumption is about 340 kcal in 30 minutes if the tempo is heavy.

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