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Get Rid of Cellulite?

Massage gloves, dry brushing and creams are the familiar tools in fight against cellulite. Fortunately, even more efficient methods can be found.

Is cellulite eternal?

Cosmetic cellulitis refers to subcutaneous fat tissue that is uneven in structure and is seen as skin irregularity.

The fatty tissue consists of fat cells and connective tissues that collect the cells into unified clusters. The bigger the fat bunches and the thicker the covering skin, the worse the skin usually looks like. Typical problems include thighs and buttocks, sometimes the abdominal area and shoulders.

The body is characterized by the fact that fat is structured into tissues as a plump bunch and does not even have to be particularly abundant.

Almost all women have some degree of cosmetic cellulite. It's part of life. We just have to accept this. Likewise, it is easier to prevent cellulite than to treat.

Why cellulite is just for women?

Estrogen and testosterone affect both the skin and the fatty tissue. The man's skin is thicker and the body's body fat is smaller in proportion to the body weight. Perhaps for these reasons visible cellulite in men is less common.

In addition to hormone activity, genetics and lifestyles influence how much cellulite is formed.

Age-related cellulite becomes more easier as the skin becomes thinner, the number and structure of the solidifying connective tissue proteins change and the metabolism slows down.

The effects of aging can be quicken by smoking and sunbathing without sunscreen.

Does cellulite disappear by losing weight?

Slimming may bring more persistent fat bumps to the eye when the other fat gets thinner. The best way to deal with cellulite is to modify your lifestyle: eat protein and fiber-rich food instead of excessive fat and high carbohydrates, and boost your metabolism by stimulating exercise. Weight loss and toning should be based on permanent lifestyle changes.

All exercise firmens tissues and burns fat and boosts the metabolism of problem areas. If you should choose between gym and endurance training, I prefer the latter. It would be best to combine both.

Do skin creams work?

There are many types of lotions in the stores, marketed as cellulite melters. Efficiency is explained, among other things, with caffeine and metabolisms triggering alkaloids. There is no scientific evidence of the power of the creams and can not necessarily even be absorbed into the tissues sufficiently deep.

Vitamin A derivatives, i.e. retinoids, have proven efficiency in aging of the skin, but their efficacy has not been proven in the treatment of cellulite. Also, the effect of antioxidants on ointments on cellulite has not been scientifically proven.

Does dry brushing reduce cellulite?

It is thought that the effect of skin massage or dry brushing would be based on a rise in the temperature of the massage area and on the excretion of fatty tissue and metabolism. Fat preferably burns where the most favorable conditions for a combustion event are, such as increased blood flow. But just a massage is not enough to burn fat, but healthy lifestyle is also needed. Without them, fat will always accumulate somewhere.

Some swear in cold in cellulite treatment. Does it help?

There are two types of fatty tissue in the body: pale or ordinary fat and fast-digesting brown fat.

Brown fat is activated in the cold. Brown fat, however, is preferably stored above the lower body, so coldness is not a guaranteed method for reducing cellulite.

What kind of medical methods can help in fight against cellulite?

There are quite effective and safe skin care equipment on the market, based on lasers, electrical impulses or radio waves. The latest devices provide precision treatment because they handle cellulite directly at its births. A laser is applied under the skin that can break the fat together with tight connective tissue structures.

Visible results require a number of visits and often treatments are recommended to be renewed every 6 to 12 months. There are no follow-up studies on the results of treatments.

Do expensive treatments be more effective?

Therapy devices are expensive so you have to pay serious money for the treatments. The treatments given by doctors penetrate deeper into the skin and hence can cause injuries in unskilled hands.

Skin-care treatments over the skin are safe. In principle, they can be given by anyone who has been trained in the equipment.

Treatments are suitable for everyone?

Since the methods are targeted from fat burning to massage and up to surgical treatments, suitability is case-specific. The therapist will make a final decision as to whether the treatment is appropriate or not.

Device treatment is usually not given if you have a bleeding disorder, lipid metabolism disorder, diabetes and liver or heart disease. Device therapy is also not recommended during pregnancy.

Painful cellulite

If you have a lot of fat in your body, cellulite can be sore. The reason for soreness may be, for example, the pressure caused by a single fat bark in the surrounding fat mass.

Generic symptoms such as fever or skin redness are the reasons to go to a doctor. Likewise, if the sore point feels fixed or enlarged all the time.

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