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Can type 2 diabetes be cured?

Diabetes is a progressive disease. With good self-care, a second-type diabetic may avoid medication.

Is type 2 diabetes lifelong disease?

If diabetes is fairly recent, and there is much to be corrected in the lifestyle habits, then maybe not.. Diabetes is referred to when the glucose level in the blood, mmol / l, is seven or more at fasting. Value 6-7 tells about prediabetes  - impaired sugar tolerance, which gradually develops into diabetes.

The tendency to diabetes is permanent, and if the lifestyle of a patient with healed disease relapses, diabetes returns. Likewise when aging. Blood glucose rises, as with age the pancreas’s

ability to produce insulin and the functioning of insulin is weakened.

Insulin is a hormone that regulates the use and storage of sugar and fat in the body and the formation of proteins. Its behavior can be influenced by lifestyle: exercise, nutrition and weight control.

How is blood glucose monitored?

At this time, the most common way is to take a blood sample from the fingertip to determine the blood sugar level. For this, the patient needs a blood glucose meter, lancets, or needles and measuring strips. The measurement intervals are unique. Someone can measure blood sugar ten times a day, but if the disease is mild, blood sugar does not necessarily have to be monitored even on a daily basis. By monitoring blood glucose, a diabetic learns to treat her illness by lifestyle. He sees how eating and exercising affect blood sugar. Blood sugar also affects the dosage of medicines. More monitoring is needed: Type 2 diabetes is a disorder of the body's metabolism, and the patient usually has problems with blood glucose, with blood pressure and cholesterol.

How to lower your blood sugar?

Primarily, blood glucose is lowered by lifestyle: exercise, diet and weight control. Muscles consume but also store sugar. Unless a person moves and uses his muscles enough, muscle sugar stocks are filled so that they can not receive more sugar from the bloodstream. In this case, sugar is stored as fat in the internal organs and damages them. In an active and sporty human, muscles take sugar from the blood even after exercise, which will keep the blood glucose stable for a long time.

80 percent of the type 2 diabetic’s are overweight. When the amount of food is proportionately proportioned to consumption, the weight drops or stays in the desired readings. In Type 2 diabetics, overweight is abdominal obesity, indicating fat on the internal organs such as on the liver. The fatted liver frees sugar into the bloodstream and raises blood sugar further.

How does diabetes affect your diet?

According to official nutrition recommendations, high in fiber and lots of vegetables are suitable diet for diabetics. The energy of fiber-rich diet is absorbed slowly.

In this case, blood sugar does not rise to high levels immediately after eating and it is not necessary to regulate it as much with insulin as after low-fiber food. Fiber-rich food keeps a person longer saturated, making weight management easier.

Regular meal intervals keep the hunger and hence the amount of food in order and prevent large variations in blood sugar levels. Diabetes is an arterial disease that is endangered by hard fat. Hard fat is a fat that will fatten the internal organs and interfere with insulin activity.

Alcohol makes people fat, weakens pancreatic function and increases liver fat. Daily usage is too much, even if the doses are reasonable.

Why should a diabetic go to the gym?

Large muscle work efficiently burns the sugar stored there. Muscle training also facilitates weight management by increasing the body's energy consumption. Metabolism after gym training is greater than normal for 24 hours, sometimes even for 48 hours.

Endurance training is also needed. It consumes energy efficiently and takes care of the cardiovascular system.

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When do I need medicines for diabetes?

Current type 2 diabetes treatment guidelines advise to initiate tablet treatment as soon as the disease is diagnosed. This is because very few people are able to change their lifestyle so that they alone will lower blood sugar sufficiently. Of course, medicines can later be left out if lifestyle changes are successful.

The primary medicine used is metformin tablets. They reduce the production of liver sugar, improve insulin's effectiveness, and slightly lose weight.

Are you forced to inject insulin?

If blood glucose is very high at diagnosis, injection therapy is started immediately. Generally, initial injections are temporary and last for a maximum of three months. When blood glucose is obtained as normal, the pancreas's own sugar production is often recovered and injection therapy can be discarded.

Diabetes is unfortunately a progressive disease. When a person gets older, the body also get older, which is reflected in pancreas and insulin activity. Their deficiencies must be replaced by injected insulin. Injections are often feared in vain. It does not really hurt at all, and if you do not overuse the insulin, the risk of too low blood glucose or weight gain is very low.

Diabetic foot care is important

Feet are subjected to a rather heavy load, as they are able to carry the body weight. In order to withstand this, their skin, circulation and nervous system should be all right and these are all factors that are affected by diabetes.

How can additional diseases be prevented?

Good treatment can prevent further diseases, such as retinopathy, kidney and nerve damage, and possible loss of vision or toes.

Always good treatment will not prevent further illnesses. For unknown cause in some of us, the body tolerates higher blood sugar levels than in others.

Is diabetes deadly?

Poorly managed type 2 diabetes may shorten life expectancy by an average of ten years due to associated cardiovascular disease. Diabetic has a three to four times a risk of a heart failure or a cardiovascular disease than a healthy person.

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