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This common symptom may reveal hidden asthma

Many suffer asthma without knowing it. It is known that dyspnea or shortness of breath can tell about asthma, but persistent cough may also be a symptom of asthma. Many people are suffering with asthma for a long time before they are diagnosed.

Suffering from asthma unknowingly?

Many people have asthma for up to decades before it gets diagnosed. Asthma is often associated with shortness of breath, but it can only be a prolonged cough.

In asthma bronchial mucosa becomes inflamed, and inflammation is chronic. The inflammatory bronchial mucus secretes the mucus and causes cough. Coughing at night is a typical asthma symptom.

Dyspnoea and wheezing are symptoms of asthma, and the cause is an intermittent bronchoconstriction. They may contract, especially in the case of intense exhalation, so that air will not come out as much as it enters. This aerial ablation can be experienced as a feeling of pain in the chest, but also as a difficulty in inhaling.

How is asthma diagnosed?

Diagnosis is based on lung function tests, ie blow tests. Spirometry measures the volume of lungs and air flow in the bronchi. Spirometry may be normal even if you have asthma, as bronchial tubes do not always contract in the examination.

In addition, longer-term monitoring is required and it is to be investigated by the exhalation topology PEF meter. The patient blows it for two weeks two times a day and both during the symptoms and before and after taking the bronchodilator.

How does a doctor handle asthma?

Pulmonary inflammation is treated and is prevented by inhalable cortisone, the dose of which is tailored to the symptoms. Breathable medicines contain very small amounts of cortisone and affect only lung mucous membranes. It does not absorb into the bloodstream and thus has no disadvantages. Large doses of cortisone have some disadvantages and large doses are needed if asthma is severe or the person smokes. Tobacco blocks the effects of the inhalable drug.

When the symptoms come suddenly and strongly, we talk of an asthma attack, which requires a quick-release medicine for bronchial tubes. This medicine is first aid and is not intended for the sole and continuous use.

If symptoms persist under inhaled cortisone, long-acting bronchodilators or combinations of their cortisone may be used. Sometimes cortisone tablets are needed.

Is it safe to exercise with asthma?

Exercise improves the performance of a person with asthma and reduces the symptoms. Muscle-boosting exercising is also needed because breathing is a muscle workout. If asthma is in poor management, ie there is a lot of symptoms, do not be in a hurry until the symptoms have been overcome by medication.

Can losing weight help with asthma?

Overweight doubles the onset of asthma. Overweight also complicates the treatment of an existing illness. The fat tissue is an active tissue that secretes inflammatory mediators. The neurotransmitters act through the bloodstream into the lungs where they cause and maintain inflammation.

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Does asthma limit life or hobbies?

Treated with asthma does not limit life. But if it is poorly managed, traveling by air can be tricky. At ten miles altitude, the oxygen content drops, and poorly managed asthma can cause an oxygen deficiency.

Scuba diving is usually an excluded activity for astmatics. It is not suitable for a person whose illness prevents normal airflow into the lungs. The compressed air inhaled by the diver's equipment is cold and may increase airway contraction.

Any other exercise is more than permissible for asthmatics. Asthma symptoms that may be caused by exercise can be prevented by taking bronchodilatory medicine before exercise.

Why is winter and spring difficult for people with asthma?

Cold, dry air, especially by inhalation of the mouth, can cause the bronchial tubes to contract. Nasal respiration dampens air. If necessary, use breathing heaters.

In the spring, street dust causes many symptoms. Protect from dust with a respirator. If an asthmatic also has an allergy, pollen exacerbates asthma. Allergy symptoms are treated with medicines and, if necessary, the dosage of treating asthma is increased.

Can asthma be cured?

Asthma usually does not disappear, although it may be intermittent. Asthma is a illness that includes good and worse episodes. Poor episodes are usually associated with infections such as seasonal flu or pollen allergic asthma.

With medicines, asthma is often non symptomatic, so the patient thinks that the disease is healed and left unattended.

In some patients, mild asthma can lead to permanent stenosis of the bronchial cells if untreated. The changes are structural and will not be removed at any later date.

Are there new treatments for asthma?

Several studies have been conducted around the world with the aim of developing a tablet-based asthma drug. The tablet is intended for those patients whose treatment with inhalation and oral cortisone is not enough.

An oral cortisone has long-term disadvantages, such as skeletal brittleness, skin thinning, increase in body fat and sleeping problems. Replacement medicine is required.

Is asthma prevention possible?

Susceptibility to asthma is often inherited. Overweight, intestinal fat and exposure to tobacco smoke increase the risk of illness. Allergic rhinitis exposes to asthma, so it is advisable to treat it properly.

There is no age limit for asthma. It can get you ill at any age, even if you are ninety.

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