Pneumonia 5

How to prevent pneumonia?

Pneumonia can be a dangerous disease for elderly people. Careful handwashing and handkerchief keep the pathogens at bay.

What kind of illness is pneumonia?

Diabetes Insulin 6

How can you avoid the type 2 diabetes?

If there is type 2 diabetes in the family, the risk of developing an illness increases. But this is only half the truth.

Can the type 2 diabetes be avoided completely by healthy lifestyle?

Cellulitis 3

Facts about cellulite

Cellulite is caused by cell metabolism disturbance.

Cellulite fatty cells form clusters surrounded by fibrous connective tissue. Enlarged fatty cells press blood and lymphoma veins, which disturbs the bloodstream and the lymphatic circulation, which reduces cell metabolism and oxygen supply. The tissue accumulates fat and fluids. The further the cellulite has progressed, the larger chunks of fat cells form up and the more lumpy the skin is.

Diabetes Insulin 3

Can type 2 diabetes be cured?

Diabetes is a progressive disease. With good self-care, a second-type diabetic may avoid medication.

Is type 2 diabetes lifelong disease?

If diabetes is fairly recent, and there is much to be corrected in the lifestyle habits, then maybe not.. Diabetes is referred to when the glucose level in the blood, mmol / l, is seven or more at fasting. Value 6-7 tells about prediabetes  - impaired sugar tolerance, which gradually develops into diabetes.

Asthma Asthmatic 4

This common symptom may reveal hidden asthma

Many suffer asthma without knowing it. It is known that dyspnea or shortness of breath can tell about asthma, but persistent cough may also be a symptom of asthma. Many people are suffering with asthma for a long time before they are diagnosed.

Flu Influenza 4

Influenza Facts - Seasonal influenza vaccine provides safe and effective protection

Seasonal influenza vaccine provides safe and effective protection against influenza. Extensive vaccination prevents the spread of influenza and complications, as well as protects risk groups.

Winter is the time of the year when influenza wave is to be expected at workplaces, schools and homes. Vaccination is the safest way to prevent seasonal influenza illness. Vaccination also prevents the spread of the disease. There are, however, many inaccurate or even false presumptions and statements about seasonal influenza and vaccination against it.

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