Cellulite 1 

Get Rid of Cellulite?

Massage gloves, dry brushing and creams are the familiar tools in fight against cellulite. Fortunately, even more efficient methods can be found.

 Water 4

How much to drink - truth about water and thirst

Myth 1. You have to drink when you are thirsty

 Workout 13

Move properly, sleep better

Evening walks is as good as a sleeping pills. What about the training at the gym? We upgraded with the experts the thoughts we found to be true as a link between exercise and sleep.

 Workout 9

Do you want to get rid of fat? Choose your favourite sport!

Any exercise is a better option than lying on the couch, but if you love the losing those pounds, turn your eyes on these!

Fitness 6 

After fifties - grow some muscle

When you hit your 50s it’s worth pounding with fitness equipment. All the muscles weaken gradually but slows down if you keep them in use.

 Workout 14

Good muscle condition - what is it?

The human body is an extremely skillful entity. Each movement of your body is the result of seamless cooperation between several muscles, bones and joints.

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