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Dizziness and headaches? These symptoms may indicate that you are at risk of high blood pressure

Did you know that headache and dizziness can tell you about high blood pressure? When these symptoms come, the blood pressure can be critically high.

Why is the high blood pressure limit so tight?

Elevated blood pressure is harmful to the blood vessels and exposes, for example, to atrial fibrillation, coronary heart disease, memory disorders, stroke and blood vessel bleeding. High blood pressure is dangerous because a person can’t feel it. Symptoms will only come when the pressure is already in critical readings. There may be headaches and dizziness.

In the studies, it has not been possible to determine the exact limit value in which blood vessel changes are initiated, and therefore there are different target values for blood pressure. Blood pressure is ideal when the upper pressure is below 120 mercury millimeters (mmHg) and a lower pressure below 80 mmHg. Up to 20 units rise in upper and 10 units at lower pressure double or triple the risk of coronary heart disease or brain related death. Normal blood pressure is below 130/85, satisfactory 130-139 / 85-89 and elevated above 140/90 mmHg.

self prostate exam

A man and his prostate, what is the function of the prostate?

Prostate cancer is the second-most common cancer in U.S. men. The symptoms are similar in good and malignant prostate disorders. It is advisable to go to the doctor if there are any urinary problems.

Does the prostate problems affect men of all ages?

Prostate begins to grow and enlarge in almost all males after the age of 20. Growth rate is unique, and growth is not a problem for all men. As a consequence about 40 percent of men over the age of 60 have urinary problems.

Flu Symptoms 7

Reduce the duration of flu considerably: Do you know these tips?

Early onset of flu may be reduced by at least a couple of days by taking plenty of vitamin C and by sucking zinc lozenges. The best aid to flu is rest.

What to do when the first symptoms of a flu occur?

As soon as the first symptoms of the flu occur, it is good to take both zinc and vitamin C. They should be taken as separate preparations at different times because they affect the body in different places. Pharmacies also sell products that combine both. They are not as effective as vitamin C weakens the effect of zinc. In addition, the amount of vitamin C in them is very low.

Teeth Whitening 8

Is teeth whitening dangerous?

Smiling in bleached white teeth seems a good idea and many want whiter teeth, but is it safe?

What methods are used for teeth whitening?

Bleaching is a chemical process using peroxide derivatives, mainly hydrogen peroxide and urea peroxide. When they come into contact with water, they break down into intoxicating oxygen radicals. These oxygen radicals digest the absorbed color pigments into smaller and colorless particles. The penetration of the active ingredient into the dental tissue is enhanced, for example, by laser, ultraviolet and plasma lamps.

a man and his prostate

Advanced prostate cancer symptoms and treatment

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer of men, but the diagnosis involves very different cancers. The prostate cancer is screened with PSA test, but there is no definite assurance of its benefit.

What is the function of the prostate?

The main task of the prostate is to produce semen. The prostate gland is located between the bladder and the penis. For a young adult man it is about the size if a walnut. With age, prostate grows for most males for an unknown reason.

Intestines Bowel 5

Take care of your intestines and bowel - And it will take care of you

The intestines like regular, serene and varied eating. In addition, it needs enough fiber, fluids, exercise and rest.

How is the intestinal wellbeing taken care of?

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