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How can sweating be reduced?

Excess perspiration hampers work and relationships.

How can I restrain sweating?

Sweating is the body's way of controlling your heat. When the temperature rises in exercise or in fever, the body tends to restore body heat to normal by adding sweat secretion.

A person sweats without physical effort. We have a total of 2-3 million sweat glands. Most are in the face, armpits, palms and soles of the feet. Normally, they secrete 0,5-2 liters of sweat per day, but this sweat evaporates almost unnoticed from the skin. To treat such perspiration, deodorants are sufficient to influence by odor-absorbing properties and to reduce the growth of bacteria. A smell is created when the bacteria break down the proteins in the sweat.


Chinese health concept

Oriental health concepts tend to emphasize peace of mind and the search for life on their own. Silence, meditation, balance with self and the environment are important for the well-being. According to the Chinese health concept, prosperity is based on the ability to listen to oneself. The keys to health are good sleep, peace of mind, nutrition and exercise.

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Improve your willpower

Weight loss requires lots of patience and the ability to undo the adversity - that is, the willpower. Fortunately, the willpower is like a muscle and you can work on it.

How easy it is to break your promise! Even in the New Year's Eve, we decide to reduce our stomach fat, in March, our old bad habits are taking over.

If you fail, do not think that you are worse than others. Our willpower is inherently rather weak. Psychologist Richard Wiseman asked more than 3,000 Britons who had made the New Year promises if they had kept what promised. 88 percent had had to eat their word.

If we want more willpower, we must stop thinking about it as a character. Instead, we can think it as a muscle. Using willpower is work, and like riding a bike, using it is tiring for the muscles.


Environmental tobacco smoke

There are about one billion smokers in the world. Passive smoking means exposure of third parties to tobacco smoke. This is also called exposure to secondhand smoke / environmental tobacco smoke.

The tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 ingredients, more than 60 of which are carcinogenic and have many irritant or toxic chemicals, and have been found to be causing fetal damage.


What Are the Most Important Things to You?

Enjoy your life right now, not just later

Human happiness is influenced by a large number of factors, but undoubtedly most people are happy to enjoy the normal everyday life. Many of us might answer health, family and friends and the list would be easy to continue..


When the going gets tough - what to do if..

How to Fight Nicotine Cravings

Take a deep breath. Keep in mind that the worst craving lasts only a few minutes. Take nicotine gum, regular chewing gum, pastry or something else. Slowly drink glass water.

You need a tobacco break

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