Chinese health concept

Oriental health concepts tend to emphasize peace of mind and the search for life on their own. Silence, meditation, balance with self and the environment are important for the well-being. According to the Chinese health concept, prosperity is based on the ability to listen to oneself. The keys to health are good sleep, peace of mind, nutrition and exercise.

After a well-slept night, the feeling is rested and the person is ready for the day ahead. An adult person needs about 7-9 hours of night time, a child and a young person more. Before going to bed you should relax, for example, by reading a book or by a warm bath. Too active hobbies such as playing video games or strenuous workouts in the evening will hinder night time. The bedroom should be soothing just for sleeping and should be as quietly decorated with colors and materials. Most times children and young people are sleeping too little. It shows as tiredness and lack of concentration in school.

People need more sleep in the winter than in the summer. In winter we go to bed earlier than summer and wake up a little later. Retention of sleep routine is important. At the weekend, it should wake up roughly at the same time as a week.

Even in Western countries, nowadays, it is already worth having an idle hours. According to Chinese medicine, a person who can do nothing without anxiety is healthy. In today's flooding information society it would be particularly important to just silence and let the mind drain out of all thoughts and feelings. You can treat yourself perfectly in nature. Forest silence, scents and colors calm the mind.


Humor and pleasure are very important. Joy treats the heart while anger and bitterness are emotions that are dangerous to human health. It is even said that a person who is happy with his or her life can recover from a serious illness through his positive attitude to life. In fact, research into elderly people revealed that those who are able to forget the difficulties without bitterness live a long life. At the moment of hate, it is good to remember that anger eats more angry than its subject. Is it worthwhile to make a fool for yourself by being angry? Bad feelings are best off with natural therapies such as aromatherapy, homeopathy or shiatsu massage. Exercise in nature is also an excellent therapy for a spontaneous mind.

In Chinese medicine, nutrition is at the heart of it. Food can be used to treat illnesses. Thus, the phrase "man is what he eats" is very true. Food that we eat affects our thinking ability, concentration and learning ability. The stumbling blocks of the Western diet are amongst others. Excess sugar, white flour and dairy products. In China, dairy products are not used in cooking at all, but have been replaced by, for example, soybeans. About 80 percent of the world's population is unable to use milk because they have lactose intolerance. Human intestines have in fact been built so that it should not take milk after breastfeeding. In the West, however, this normal phenomenon is considered a disease.

The Chinese kitchen does not get stuck with diets but everything is eaten reasonably. Healthy food is always the top priority. Grains and vegetables account for up to 90 percent of daily food and fish or meat by 10 percent. Natural cultivation methods are preferred instead of industrially produced food. Dietary changes should always be made gradually. Any change will always cause digestive problems. Instead of tight diet instructions, one should listen to more of your own body.

Exercise has always been an important part of Chinese health care. In China, children and the elderly move, and often see them in the morning doing taiji movements in the park. The basic idea is that person is responsible for his / her own health and has to work every day. In days of yore, people traveled tens of miles when they sought firewood for their family and water and food in their home village. Nowadays, the beneficial exercise has been too low and should be revived again. People are not made to sit by the desk with a computer for hours day after day. We should move whenever possible. Walking in the forest, barefoot on the sand or lawn walking and swimming in the lake are particularly relaxing and health-friendly. Exercising should be a part of everyday life just like sleeping, eating and relaxing.


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