Sleep apnea increases the risk of cardiac and cerebral infarction.

Sleep apnea takes away a night sleep and makes you tired - both the patient and often the partner. It is worth taking care of, because sleep apnea has a connection with diabetes and serious cardiovascular diseases.


Sleep well and you do well

An adult needs sleep about eight hours overnight, a junior high about nine hours. However, enough hours are always personal and sufficient sleep is obtained when awakening in the morning is not difficult and a person is feeling fresh throughout the day.

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Snoring compromises the health of yourself and your partner

A snoring partner can endanger the relationship and the health of your own and the person next to you. A cell phone can help to track the symptoms.


The internal clock in the body and melatonin

All people have their own sleep routine, which is controlled by the internal clock of the body. Sleep routine defines how a person is at a different time of day. Many feel they are either morning or evening people. This difference is actually physiological, defined by the internal clock, not psychological. However, the internal clock may, as a result of circumstances or illness, promote or leave. People who suffer from an internal clock disorder find that their health is worse than those with an internal clock in the usual way.

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