The health benefits of giving up on smoking

After 20 minutes

• Blood pressure drops
• the heart beat becomes even
• the temperature of the hands and feet is improved

After 1 day

• The carbon monoxide disappears from the body
• lungs begin to be cleansed
• The risk of heart attack begins to decline

After 2 days

• nicotine has left the body
• smell and taste are sharpened

After 3 days

• the lung function is improved and breathing is facilitated
• the bronchoconstriction stop

2 weeks - 3 months

• the body's blood circulation improves
• walking and running is easier
• increased energy

3-9 months

• Cough, wheezing and breathing problems are reduced
• lung function continues to improve

After 1 year

• the risk of coronary heart disease is halved

After 5 years

• the risk of heart attack and cardiac death has decreased by half compared to the smoker
• the risk of cerebrovascular disruption decreases to the same level as non-smokers

After 10 years

• the risk of lung cancer is reduced by half to the smoker
• The risk of coronary heart disease is at the same level as if it did not smoke at all
Quitting smoking reduces stress and improves the quality of sleep and its duration.


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