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How to Fight Nicotine Cravings

Take a deep breath. Keep in mind that the worst craving lasts only a few minutes. Take nicotine gum, regular chewing gum, pastry or something else. Slowly drink glass water.

You need a tobacco break

Peel yourself with a couple of nuts on each tobacco you'd burn. This is how you use your hands and your mouth in the same way as smoking. Alternatively, buy spiced toothpicks.

You can not concentrate

Guarantee to yourself that you are having difficulty concentrating because your brain was accustomed to tobacco. Otherwise, there's nothing wrong with your brain! Your focus will gradually return. Reserve important work a little more time than before.

You're nervous

Breathe deep and relax. Avoid coffee and alcohol. Try to avoid situations and things that cause extra stress. Do not stay in place, but go for a walk or run. Moderately powerful physical strain helps nervousness.

You work hard under stress

Plan your work as parts that do not tire too much. Relax while walking, Relax while listening to your favorite music. Remember to go outdoors, eat and sleep well. Reserve snacks, toothpicks, chewing gum and drinks.

You see others smoking

Stay away from smoking smokers and smoking places. When you see someone smoking, remind yourself that you've stopped. Remind yourself of the health-impairing effects of tobacco and the reasons why you decided to stop it.

Somebody offers a cigarette

This is a tricky place! When you encounter a situation where someone might offer you a cigarette, say, "No thanks, I've stopped smoking".

You will have to be in a situation where alcohol is offered

Another tight place! First, avoid using alcohol in situations where cigarettes are available.

You're always hungry

Eat regularly small meals. Reserve low-calorie snacks such as fruits, vegetables and berries. Drink plenty of water (8-10 glasses a day).

Stomach does not work

Drink plenty of water. Eat meals and snacks that contain plenty of vegetables and fiber. Go for a walk.

You feel depressed

Do not stay home to worry, but force yourself into motion. Come up with something fun to do, call a friend, go to a movie, go to a concert, or go for awalk. Do something you've never done before.


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