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10 hidden symptoms of too much stress

When you are too stressed, your body will give you signs. However, these signs are often not noticeable. If your body is symptomatic of stress, it is a sign that it is really time to slow down. If you have these symptoms, make sure you have time for yourself.


If you have started to experience headaches more often than before, it may be an indication of excessive stress. Even a sudden loss of stress can lead to headaches. Headache can also be stress-induced migraine. Take care of your well-being by sleeping enough on weekdays, and taking care of a healthy diet.

Hard menstrual pain

Hardly stressed women can even double harder menstrual pain than usual. Stress causes hormone imbalance, which also affects menstrual periods. Exercise usually helps with menstrual pain as it reduces the activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

Sore mouth

Stress can result in teething and chewing. Teeth grinding occurs especially at night. Be sure to relax your jaw from time to time if you notice teeth grinding.

Strange dreams

Dreams tend to reflect reality. Usually, dreams go in a positive direction, so you wake up in a better mood than at bedtime. But if you suffer from stress, dreams can become distressing. A stressed person may also wake up overnight, so dreams do not have time to bring any positive outlook on everyday life. Try to improve your quality by ensuring that you get enough sleep. Also avoid excess drinking coffee and alcohol.

Bleeding gums

Studies have shown that stress can cause dental problems. Stress hormone cortisol may impair resistance to bacteria getting into the gum. Take care of eating, following regular meals and other proper oral hygiene.


Stress can also cause acne in adults. Acne is due to inflammation in the skin of the sebaceous glands. Acne symptoms can be alleviated by proper facial cleansing. There are acne treatments for skin care products. Remember enough water extraction, as the water brightens the skin.

Sweet tooth

If you have a sweet craving, it is not always worth putting it in the spike of femininity. A major cause of sweetness can also be stress.

Dry and itchy skin

One study found that persons suffering from chronic itching were more than twice as stressed as those without itching. Stress can exacerbate itching symptoms and related illnesses such as psoriasis, dermatitis or various types of eczema.

Constipation of allergies

An American study found that the symptoms of allergic people became worse after they had taken part in the stress test. Stress hormones may increase the production of blood IgE (immunoglobulin E), an allergy-causing antibody.

Abdominal pains

Stress and anxiety can cause abdominal pain in addition to other disorders. The reason for the connection between stress and abdominal pain is not exactly known, but according to a theory, the internal organs and the brain share the same nerve cells. When the brain and mind react to stress, the same signals go to the abdominal wall. Facilitating stress often also relieves abdominal symptoms.

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