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How to Handle Extreme Stress

When pressure builds up in the body, somehow they need to get out of their way. We must therefore either spend extra energy or learn to take control of the situation by relaxing exercises. This way, our body can return to sleep so that heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen consumption and muscle tension normalize. When the tension is triggered and relaxed, the body returns and can react effectively again.

To keep our lives in balance, we need to learn a healthy and stress-free way of life, where both the body and the mind get enough stimulation and rest. It is very individualized how each one relaxes best.

The best relaxation mode varies according to mood and situation. Many people are relieved of their physical activity, but they also want to balance their mind and body with relaxing relaxation exercises, massages and unhurried days.

The following guidelines can help you learn a stress-free lifestyle:

• Try to reduce the hurry and stress factors
• Learn to Say NO!
• Reach reasonableness and do not require perfection
• Stop worrying about other things and avoid unnecessary worry
• Focus on yourself and fulfill your little dreams
• Focus on yourself, your feelings, and your needs
• Learn how to break away from work and make a clear difference between work and leisure
• Share responsibility and spend time on studying and developing yourself
• Moving and taking care of your condition
• Eat regularly and healthy
• Make the necessary changes and stay in your intentions!

Preparing and planning reduces stress

Many of us tend to collect stress in our lives. Failure to do so, poor preparation and too tight schedules increase the stress curve, increase neglect, forgetfulness and cause unnecessary pressure and rush.

By scheduling your schedule, both for work, leisure and holidays, in a timely fashion, you can avoid overlapping reservations, delays and organizational problems. Appropriate routine and scheduling make it easier to remember and use time as long as it allows flexibility and variation. You also learn to say NO, because an overwhelming schedule does not give you time for creativity or new learning.

Every hurry is not bad and should not always be stressed. There are more urgent, and happier times in life. The load requires counterbalance rest, so that the body can recover from the stress caused by urgency. However, we do not have rechargeable batteries, so the holiday / weekend may not necessarily correct the tiredness caused by excessive urgency / stress.

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