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Take advantage of stress!

Hurry and stress? Is the stress positive or negative? There is a big difference between these two. Learn how to turn your stress into a positive side.
Stress is generally and primarily a description of the negative state of the body or mind. It is usually hoped that the stress will end or that at least it will be affected.

In the midst of the hurry, one can easily forget or miss out on what the stress and the cause of it really is.

Stress can not be removed. If stress stops completely, life also ends. Stress is energy, that is a positive thing. Stress is driven by a negative experience of conscious or unconscious negative thought processes, which is urgently maintained and strengthened.

The first, most effective, and easiest way to undo stress is found between the ears or the heart. Only by moving to these areas it is possible to change the culture that maintains and strengthens the hurry.

Stress is energy

Because stress is energy, maintaining positive, self-consistent and credible thinking habits positively stresses.

These feelings seem to be hyper-optimistic and unrealistic from a viewpoint of negative stress or negative thought patterns. On the other hand, from a viewpoint of positive stressors, negative stress is necessary for some. It's your choice.

The mystery of selfishness explodes

If you think about yourself and your feelings first, and not others, you are having problems. Then it is unadapted, selfish, and it is shameful. Is it so?

Mystery opens up perfectly when the preceding sentences are viewed from the point of view of fear, control, or power. Then it is perfectly understandable that no one can deviate from the norm because it might be followed by anarchy or chaos. Then everything could stop.

What if you think of yourself and your thoughts first from the standpoint of trust and inspiration? Identifying your own feelings and acting on them before others is ultimately the only sensible way to preserve joy, enjoyment, meaningful experience in your own life.

So is the end result of a selfish man who does not think of others? Think of a person, individual, you, employee, or employer who knows what he / she knows and does, which really produces joy, inspiration, and supports action based on trust. Do you think that is chaos or something else, perhaps more positive?

Road to your heart

What to do? Advices and instructions come from you.

By listening to yourself, by your own feelings, by attaching relevant words and actions to the things you have experienced and meaningful, implementing yourself, your own inner body, and your own perception of balance.

You have reached your path when you are truly and really happy without the need to testify. In this case, happiness does not depend on the opinions of others.

Thus, your path is easily associated with a larger stream of like-minded people, where each individual and self reinforces a new kind of culture of trust and cooperation. The legitimacy of a new culture does not come from fear of intimidation or threats, but from inner experience. Internal experience tells you that you are just as good as you feel.

This is what I am!

Do what you feel good and right. Then you literally create unprofitable positive stress, joy, inspiration, and enjoyment. Others may also join the same stream; in their own individual ways.

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