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Every fourth man suffers from a male orgasmic disorder

Either premature or delayed ejaculation bothers even every fourth man. Yet, men's orgasm problems are spoken less than potency problems.

The general reason why a man visits a sex specialist doctor is premature ejaculation. The problem bothers every fourth man. About half of the men suffering from the problem, the situation is so difficult that they need help.

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Low sex drive? Loss of libido? Get help with these tips!

Everyday life and routines often cause people to lose their sex drive. Holidays are good times to confront the spouse again and wake up the lost desires.

Is it always necessary to want to have sex?

It really is not! Everyone decides how often and how she wants to have sex. According to the masculine mindset, the man is constantly thinking about sex. This is hardly true. But such a claim may be that a man may actually think of sex more often. This is because a woman often has so much more to think about in her life from home work and from children.

Unwillingness becomes a problem when you are not on the same page in the relationship with your partner. The reasons should be clarified by discussing with a partner and, if necessary, a sexual therapist.

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Enhance male potency – Get tips!

A man is always ready for sex. Or is he? The cause of erectile dysfunction may be in attitudes that increase the pressure.

Does aging increase erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain a satisfactory erection for sexual intercourse.

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Is love really blind?

Many place feelings into the heart, but in reality the brain is the most important.

Why people fall in love especially during summer?

In most people, mood improves in shifting from winter into summer. People's physical activity is increasing and other people are more easily contacted. When the sun begins to shine, the amount of serotonin increases in the body. Serotonin as if awakens the ability to fall in love. Studies have shown that serotonin is used in brain cerebral arteries abundantly and as a result, the stranger's faces start to fascinate and the feelings of empathy awaken more easily than ever before.

Breakup 2

A split-up can come as a surprise - How survive a shock break-up

Both leaving and being left are major crises of life. Generally speaking, it takes at least a year to recover, but after that, life gradually begins to smile again.

What does human mind do when he is left behind?

The left one experiences a wide variety of painful feelings, such as anger, rage, fear, horror, shame, disappointment and sorrow. Also the left one is thinking about why he was left and what the other person was really disappointed about.

Anger 1

Have aggression and anger increased?

Is understanding and managing emotions easy for everyone?

No, innate temperament seems to influence to some extent. A significant part of it is the kind of interaction that the child will spend the first few years with. One form of hostility arises when the child's needs and feelings are ignored. The child also learns to ignore them. When the disappointments are repeatedly picked up, person gets fed up. Then one can behave very fiercely. Managing emotions is difficult especially for unstable people, which is 0.6 percent of the population.

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