Everyone is creative

What does creativity mean to you?

Let us consider what a word of creativity means. How does it look, feel, smell or taste? Do you have beautiful colors, good moods, chills or mostly burns in the throat? Are the sensations positive or negative?

Everyone is creative - you too?

Creativity as a word can be tricky to many of us. A word that only reminds us about the school’s drawing lessons. A word that is devoted only to the few and the selected. Little by little, we are fortunate enough to understand and accept that creativity is not just traditional artistic creativity - dance, music or visual arts. We can equally well, manage gardening or budget creatively. Realize everyday creativity.

Creativity is the maximization of the opportunities offered by life, flexibility and open-mindedness, risk-taking ability, search for freedom and violation of borders. For some it may be the beginning of a new hobby or change of conversation practices. The ability and courage to live genuinely and presently.

Energetic is creative

Along with creativity, we can talk about everyday energy. When we do things with good energy, we get to the so-called flow state and feel creative. Usually these go hand in hand. When we are energetic, we are creative, and vice versa. The feeling is so good that it would gladly spend more days. You can add your own energy by focusing on the things you feel good about, the things that you have real motivation and feel passionate about.

What is Creativity for You?

Give yourself a little moment right now to write your own creativity story. A story about what creativity means to you. The story may be just as long as you like. A couple of French lines with a sticker will suffice if it is right for you right now.


How can you increase your creativity?

You can develop your own creativity. Mind and its well-being increase creativity. Mind care is the cornerstone of creativity. High-quality sleep and nutrition, as well as the right kind of positive thinking, give a good foundation to creativity. In addition, we can add to our lives mercy, courage, forgiveness, and energy. Do the deeds! People are good at designing, sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming.

I'm doing it:

• Do new things every day
• Do 5 better things and try to move them to ways
• You are responsible for your own goals
• Do not be afraid to fail
• Things that take away from creativity

Unfortunately, we often encounter rush and stress, the worst enemies of creativity. Stressed, we get into a spiral where the quality of sleep suffers, the level of thinking is deteriorating, the irritability increases and the control of one's mind disappears. Avoid things that are enemies of creativity, such as rush, stress, lack of sleep.

Give yourself and others the chance. Believe in the power of experimenting and trying! A small child dares to walk while learning to rush to climb up after stumbling. It is not so dangerous to make a mistake. Each of us can, with its own example, strengthen the spirit of creativity by adopting a little more in the near future. Without experiments there will never be anything new and creative!

Good things to increase your creativity:

• Give thoughts time
• Do things to get energy
• Accept errors and incompleteness in yourself and the related circle
• Be gracious to diversity and new ideas
• Do not forget, rest, exercise, high quality sleep and good nutrition


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