15 Reasons why friends are important

Man has not been created to be alone. Friends are important to most people, both in good and in bad. What would life be without friends? This list contains 15 things that make your life better with friends.

Friends are good problem solvers

It's a good idea to talk to a friend about the problems because they can have a different and new look at your situation. Your friend knows you and may have experienced similar things in your life. It is a good idea to listen to a friend's opinion and suggestions, because then you can get a new kind of grip on your own problems.

You can’t get all from your partner

Your partner can be your best friend, but you still want to keep social circles outside your home's walls. Everyone sometimes needs their own friends, even if they are in a relationship or family. With a friend of the same sex you can go through things that your partner does not necessarily understand.

You need encouragement

Friends encourage each other. Everyone needs praise and encouragement, and friends are a great help to it.

With friends you can spend your own time

The time spent with a friend is often relaxing and easy to be. It would be good to meet at regular intervals and spend time together.

You can share experiences with a friend

The same hobby, children, decorating or anything else can be a connecting factor between you. Changing experiences is opaque and you can help each other. For example, childcare assistance alternating is often invaluable.

Friends help in trouble

When life kicks you, you get help and support from friends. When others disappear, true people stand out from the crowd, standing by your side. With friends, you can find out from sorrows faster and more effortless than fighting alone.


Friends challenge you to go forward

With friends, it's good to think about life and phenomena. Often friends are great conversational partners who bring you a lot. Often friends resemble each other with their values and thoughts, so the discussion is easy to make.

New experiences with friends

If not alone encouraged by wall climbing or parachuting, you can share new experiences with a friend. And it only strengthens friendship.

With friends you can improve your sex life

There is no need to take your friend to the bed, but with a friend you can talk things honestly. Dear friends can mostly talk about everything, including the most beautiful things in life. For example, sex is such a thing.

You live longer

Studies show that friendship and social circles will prolong human life. In addition, friends may worry if they see you have something wrong. Many lives have been saved when a friend has recommended a medical appointment.

Friends can help with your work career

Friends also can benefit professionally. It is also worthwhile using a social network through friends - someone always knows someone. A friend can also help, for example, in finding a job, by sharing good things about you.

With friends you can take care of your body

Exercising is twice as comfortable with a friend.

Friends prevent self-destruction

If you do not always work the best way for yourself, a good friend can tell you about it. Often a friend will notice if something is wrong. Friend support is important in many different adversity.

With friends you will learn to appreciate your own life

In the midst of adversity, it may be difficult to see clearly their own lives. In that case, friends can remind you of those good things in your life.

Laughter will do you good

With friends, you can laugh, and laughter is known to be a good medicine for both physical and mental health. So get together and spend fun quality time together! At the same time, you get your brain inner training.


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