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Hormone deficiency affects sex life

Hormones affects both the male and female sexual desire - sometimes more, sometimes less.

How does the decrease of estrogen with menopause affect women's sex drive?

Estrogen does not in itself affect sexual desire. It affects the quality of life.

Women's menstrual periods end on average around 50 years of age. When the ovarian production of the ovaries goes out, most women experience a variety of menopausal symptoms.

If you have sleep problems, sweating, irritability, depression or anxiety, having sex may not be interesting. Estrogen also keeps the mucous membranes slippery. When the hormone fades, the mucous membranes tend to soften and dry, which can complicate intercourse and cause pain.

What other hormones affect the woman's desire?

Testosterone is an important hormone regulating sexual desire in men and women. In a woman, testosterone is produced by ovaries and adrenal glands. In addition, it is produced in tissues, especially in fat, the body's pre-hormones.

When ovarian function fades, the levels of testosterone and its precursors are reduced, but less than the estrogen level.

Also progesterone progesterone and "love hormone" oxytocin affect the woman's desire. Touch and massage will increase the secretion of oxytocin, and the desire will probably also wake up. After 50 years of age, the number of these hormones also decreases.

Does hormone deficiency destroy your sex life?

It is very personal how much the change in hormone activity reduce the woman's sex drive. Sexuality is influenced by other things, such as the life situation and the relationship.

Diseases, pains and medications often reduce sexual activity, but if healthy life is maintained, and women who live in good relationships often also have a good sex life.

With age, there is more bilateral time and thus a better framework for proximity, affection and love. Women's sexual enjoyment may even increase with age as self-esteem is strengthened and youth barriers have come to an end.

Do hormonal treatments help improve the woman's sex drive?

Hormone replacement therapy for the menopausal period will correct the collapsing estrogen levels and maintain physical and mental health. When the disturbing menopausal symptoms go away, the quality of life and, as a general rule, the sex improve. Often, a local estrogen to be inserted into the vagina is also needed, which strengthens the mucous membranes and keeps those ready for intercourse. Local estrogen is also recommended for women who can not or do not want to use hormone therapy.

If a woman suffers from lack of energy and sexual reluctance despite the hormone replacement therapy, the doctor may prescribe testosterone as a gel. Some doctors can write a DHEA recipe.

DHEA is a weak-acting testosterone precursor that changes into the body as testosterone. It improves some women's sexual desire, energy or mood, others do not notice any difference in their well-being.

How do men's hormones change with age?

The number of male hormones decreases with age, but slower and more evenly than in women. Testosterone begins to decline slightly in men, quite young, about 30 years of age. Over the age of fourty, hormone levels usually drop by 1-2% per year. In the fifties, testosterone may have dropped so low that it begins to cause symptoms.

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What kind of symptoms can a low male hormone levels cause?

A large number of patients come to the hospital due to fatigue and depression. Someone may have been taking antidepressants without having any help from those. When a man's low testosterone level is repaired, the mood  improves.

Some have sleep disturbances, it is difficult to focus and the memory does not work properly. Physical symptoms may also be present, such as joint pains. Sexual reluctance is common. If testosterone falls very low, it can cause an erectile dysfunction.

There is much talk about women's reluctance, but reluctance also affects men. Desire imbalance stresses both and causes frequent problems with the relationship as long as it continues.

When is the testosterone level so low that it is worth taking care of?

What is normal or abnormal testosterone value is unique. The scientific community has defined a limit value, which may be either normal or abnormal depending on the man. Low values do not necessarily mean that a man is suffering from symptoms.

If normal aging works well, no treatment is needed. But if the changes in the body clearly degrade the quality of life, help is available. There is no upper age limit for testosterone therapy. It can be started even if you are 80 years old.

How does testosterone treatment affect sex life?

Testosterone therapy improves sexual desire in practice for all men with age-related lack of testosterone. Erectile ability improves by about half.

Middle-aged men are grateful to be treated. When they seek help, they are searching for it seriously and are receptive. One month after the start of treatment, many are like new men.

Is testosterone safe?

Treatment is justified and the risks are minimal. The main disadvantages are: you can’t have children, hemoglobin levels may rise and some may get acne.

Medical hormone preparations are not anabolic steroids, and can’t be overdosed. The goal is to restore the male hormone level to normal.

Testosterone is usually prescribed for treatment one year at a time and usage is safe when the patient visits the doctor every year.

Can the changes caused by hormone deficiency be prevented or alleviated by lifestyle?

Healthy lifestyle can prevent age changes and greatly affect your own sexuality. For example, overweight accelerates testosterone decline in men, which in turn contributes to fat accumulation in the body. If person gains more and more weight, testosterone will fall further, and the vicious cycle is complete.

Overweight in women's hormone production is unlikely to have a big impact, but it may affect sexuality through the body image: excessive overweight does not necessarily make sexier and desirable. Smoking lowers estrogen and probably also testosterone. A couple of alcohol doses will raise testosterone and willingness, but higher doses will collapse it.

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