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Is love really blind?

Many place feelings into the heart, but in reality the brain is the most important.

Why people fall in love especially during summer?

In most people, mood improves in shifting from winter into summer. People's physical activity is increasing and other people are more easily contacted. When the sun begins to shine, the amount of serotonin increases in the body. Serotonin as if awakens the ability to fall in love. Studies have shown that serotonin is used in brain cerebral arteries abundantly and as a result, the stranger's faces start to fascinate and the feelings of empathy awaken more easily than ever before.

Why is falling in love a stress-like state?

On the basis of blood tests, falling in love increases about 40 percent of the stress hormone cortisol secretion from the adrenal cortex. Cortisol allows the body to keep track of what's going on around it, helping to focus more attention on an important thing and increase its ability to act in surprising turns. Stress and stress hormones also may cause sleepless nights.

Do men and women experience falling in love differently?

Rather, it would seem that women and men behave in quite the same way. Falling in love affects the amount of testosterone in the bloodstream. In the women the amount doubles and men decreases by 40 percent. As a result, the sexes are approaching each other on the psychological side, but hormonal levels require reverse changes. Increased testosterone makes women more flexible, gentler and less computational. Men become less aggressive due to reduced testosterone levels.

What is love, that is, what happens in a human falling in love?

The brain is the most important organ in love and there are chemical changes. For example, the use of serotonin in the amygdala, which is an interpreter of emotions, is fading, and it also follows that feelings of sorrow and anger also slacken. At the same time as negative emotions disappear, knowledge-based learning is also lost: bad experiences do not come to mind in the new love affair. Therefore, a person does not learn from past experiences. At the same time excessive self-observation is prevented as it could ruin the feeling of falling in love and preventing deepening of the feelings.

Why does someone in love feel that he is almighty?

The feeling of being in love is a sense of joy and involves the brain's own opioids, morphine-like agents. Opioids can explain the feeling of almighty: interest and concentration are in one of the most important issues in the world. When joy dominates, grief and depression can not go through.

Does falling in love differentiate from other emotions?

Yes. In brain implantation studies, it has been found that when someone is in love, certain areas of the brain are extinguished and others are intensified. It is affected, for example, by hormone secretion. The brain of a woman that has just given birth to a baby looking at her baby resembles a brain of someone in love. It is dominated by joy and a feeling of well-being. Only sexual activity without affection seems to be different in brain scans than in love, for falling in love is not just sexual activity. Even mourning, depression and fear produce completely different types of brain images than falling in love.

What kind of physical symptoms of falling in love can be associated?

Because falling in love increases the excretion of cortisol, morphine-like opioids and hormone noradrenaline, their interaction may result in multiple physical symptoms. For example, the activity may increase, may result in decreased appetite, increased sexual desire and heartthrobs. Opioids also reduce the feeling of pain.

Does falling in love feel the same for everyone?

Falling in love is a common feature, but it certainly has individual variation. There are differences in how strongly feelings feel, as well as in how many times during their life they could fall in love. Also, the life situation with its obligations and affiliations affects, and then one can, for example, avoid situations in which to fall in love. It is known from brain research that, for example, in the feelings of anger and fear people have clear differences, and that is certainly also in the sense of falling in love too.

Do women and men experience love in the same way?

The feeling is the same, but its meaning differs. However, within the same sex may be greater differences in the experience of falling in love as an average between men and women. Individual differences are also affected, for example, by cultural background.

Why does love end?

According to an Italian study, it is known that the hormone levels in the blood will return to rest in about 1.5 years of love and regardless of whether the relationship continues or is over. Instead, there are individual differences in how long the emotion holds in power and how long the body can sustain the activity. It is necessary to stabilize chemical changes, because also the normal functioning of the body must be safeguarded. If the chemical effects of falling in love would last very long, the body would begin to get tired.

If the relationship persists, the feeling will be strengthened. Although the initial changes in the brains are no longer seen, the psychological commitment is much stronger than the initial chemical changes in the brain - therefore, love becomes from chemistry to psychology. Body chemistry should also change into personal chemistry, but unless that happens, there may be a break up.

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