Happiness 5

Decide that nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams!

Good life does not happen by chance. Happy lives and dreams can only be achieved by decisions and actions.

What would your dream life be like? Often, people just want to have a pretty good life. But what is a good life and how to achieve it?

Usually, we all hope for meaningful work, health, inspiration, and hobbies as well as friends and family. We hope for something that brings meaning to life.

If the previous year did not go the best way, what would you be willing to do?

It is important for people to be heard and seen as their own self. This happens in interaction with others when one can experience being accepted exactly as it is and belonging to a community.

Friends, family or partner are the most important things for people in life. Touching and proximity increases your well-being.

Therefore, it is worth investing in human relationships. Through children, you can experience your life as meaningful. If there are no children, a pet is a good substitute.

Does your work bring positive content to your life?

Sufficient freedom and a good atmosphere in the workplace will increase work ethic.

Good co-workers are often more important than money to be motivated to stay in the same workplace. Sometimes, mainly financial certainty makes people stay in some work.

Think about what's important to you? How can you promote your enjoyment in the workplace? Would you dare change your job in a hope for better one?

What is your passion?

For some people learning new things and self-development are life tasks. When you are passionate about something, it gives direction to life, where to strive.

When you think about what you like or where you are good at, you find it easier to get a meaningful life. For some, for example photography or renovating a home is an important source of relaxation. From exercise, music and other arts, there can be found a peace of mind that brings health.

Peace of mind

Many people hope to find relaxation and peace of mind in their lives. When you feel compassionate, accept yourself as you are, you can face things that are ahead.

Brain and mind can be shaped to think more positively about things. Take a look at the backgrounds of your feelings. Focus on the things that bring you relaxation, joy, and peace of mind.

In each of your choices you should think about whether or not to go for it. You can choose whether to walk the stairs or take the elevator. Which one supports your goal and good life better?

It is important to recognize and note: When you know your value and find yourself acting against them, make a decision and turn towards the life you define. You should keep in mind the determination of your choice.

Make a decision and act on it!

Once you have defined what kind of life you want to live, what steps should you take?

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